Poetry by David Justiss

        Heaven So Near      (12/12/00)

   he thought it was nothing special
he must have been seeing a different moon
or else I'm crazy
this world must be crazy
   maybe there's another world out there
that only I can see
I know I'm sure there must be
someone else who can see it too
   maybe there's another world out there
waiting to break into ours
standing by to wipe away the viel
then not through a glass but face to face
   I feel I must go somewhere do something
to see what no eye has seen no ear has heard
and I'd give anything to see it break through
to go beyond what I have known before
   but as much as this I want to share it with someone
who else can see it? who else can feel this?
who else sees heaven so near?
is it miracle? is it madness?
   someone else must see this!
what if the whole world knew of this devine conspiracy?
that there is so much beyond our five senses
what if they saw heaven so near?

   urgency to go faster to get somewhere
but slower because I'm going nowhere
maybe if I stop, listen and look
I'll get there sooner
   Hey world, there's something better than money, power and pleasure
something higher than government or the preacher at the pulpit or the pope in Rome
something stronger than gravity or atom splitting
something hotter than jealosy or the core of the sun
   tell the world let the world see
nature and supernature are so much deeper
than what our most profound science knows
or what our most spiritual phychics see
   an ever expanding natural universe is far too small
for a race of souls which are not at rest
heaven is so much wider and longer and deeper and higher
   there's another world out there
and I'd give anything to see it break through
break all break through by miracle or madness
so that the blind world can see and find

inspired partly by The Truman Show and partly by the moon that night

      The Princess    3/10/02

And this water is so clear and still
Look! Is it not in truth a mirror?
Looking, I see my lover with me
I turn my head and he is gone
I smell grace haunting the air
Gaze back into the pool
He offers his hand
Turn to look, and don’t see
I smile sadly and take his hand without feeling
He is there

may I, like Psyche, hold a candle to your face?

..and he wipes a tear from my eye

©2004 David A Justiss. All rights reserved.

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