Why Jesus Came
A Meditative Study

by J L Cook


This is meant to be a meditative study. It is not a word study, but rather a concept study. It was not meant to be a scholarly work, but a meditative work. What I am trying to do is explore the mind of God through meditation, through contemplation, by pondering these scriptures. I, personally, have found this study to be extremely meaningful. I hope that you will find some meaning in these thoughts as well. It will help tremendously if you take time to ponder each scripture individually, and leave room in your heart and mind for God to shed light on these thoughts. He desires greatly to be our real teacher, our best teacher. I have not tried to exhaust each thought. Rather, I have left room for you to take these thoughts to the next level of understanding, to the place that God wants to take you, personally.

I hope I do not step on any toes or ruffle any feathers. That is not my intent. My intent is to look at God with an open mind, and see what it is He wants me to understand. I cannot believe that I am absolutely correct in everything I have written, but I have recorded the actual thoughts which came to me as I meditated on these scriptures. None of us have the complete picture of God. None of us have all the knowledge. I hope this writing will inspire you to spend intimate time with God, and thus come to know everything He desires to teach you.

I hope that you, the reader, will experience a similar awakening toward God as I did when I assembled these scriptures. There is a profound cumulative effect which builds as each scripture is comprehended. Itís like one light bulb after another coming on in your head and your heart. Itís like being told by God, Himself that He loves you very much, and He desires greatly to spend time with you, just as you are.That would be overwhelming enough, but then He tells you the same thing over and over again, just to make sure thereís no misunderstanding. I know one thing with certainty; we canít do it all alone. We need God in our lives, and we need each other. God wants us to help each other. God wants us to encourage each other. God wants us to help each other grow up and become mature children of God.

Within these pages, you will discover many important things about Jesus:

  • Find out why God came and walked among men, as if He were one of us.
  • Find out why God put on a body of flesh just like ours.
  • Find out why God did not come to the good people, but rather to the bad ones.
  • Find out who the real antichrist is, and how the antichrist relates to us.
  • Find out why God wants to have a relationship with us, no matter how bad we are.
  • Find out why God is about growing us up, rather than us becoming qualified.
  • Find out why the law of Moses was given and why it didnít seem to work.
  • Find out who wants to be our personal tutor.
  • Find out why Jesus still had a body of flesh, even after He rose from the dead.
  • Find out why Jesus ate and drank with sinners, as if they were His own family.
  • Find out if God is our real father, and if we have His DNA inside of us.

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