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You cannot love if you reject the love of others.

Welcome to Spirit of Love. This site is meant to be a source of information about love—which comes from God. I have named the site after the great work by William Law.

The Spirit of Love Presupposes Love Exists
in the Heart of the Other

Sunday morning between the first and second services I met my friend Randy in the usual place in front of the church. After talking some about his troubles and and some about mine, I "blessed" him with one of my cryptic comments. I said, "Randy, I know you believe other people don't love you very much, when all the time they are thinking you don't love them very much."

Randy said, "That's very true Joe, except that it's not me you're talking about—it's you."

And he's right, it is me. I don't think they love me and they don't think I love them. We are all under the distinct impression, most of the time, that we are not very well loved—while the remainder of the time we believe we are not loved at all.

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True Statements About Love

Some statements about love which I think are true: (Not necessarily in order of importance)

  • Love is not a feeling, but love has feelings.
    • A person who loves often feels the feelings (compassion) of the person he or she loves.
  • You cannot love if you reject the love of others.
    • You cannot love yourself or others if you reject the love of others or yourself.
  • You cannot love other people if you do not love God.
    • You cannot love God if you don’t think He loves you.
    • You cannot love others if God doesn’t love you.
  • Love says, it’s good that you exist.
    • Love says, it’s good that I exist.
  • Love comes from God.
  • God is love.
  • God loves you.
  • A person who loves should believe there is love in the heart of the loved one.
  • We cannot live without love.
    • We want and need to be loved.
    • We want to be loved, in particular, by the people we love.
  • We cannot make anyone (or everyone) love us.
  • Love is a commandment of God.
  • When someone loves us we tend to feel ashamed.
    • When we are ashamed we often do things that don’t look like love.
  • Love is often hidden under other things like self-righteousness and fear. When we clear away those things the love remains and appears.
  • Love moves toward people. [Paul Miller]
    • Love doesn’t leave people alone. [Miller]

Here is something I have been thinking about that is worth exploring: Love is like light. As per theories of relativity and quantum mechanics, it has properties of a wave and a particle.

Joseph Perry
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Let love permeate everything, and other virtues will grow out of it, as flowers spring from the soil.
Charles Spurgeon

Only one thing is required—Love.
Madame Guyon

The hidden life of love, in its most inward depths, is unfathomable, and still has a boundless relationship with the whole of existence. As the quiet lake is fed by the flow of hidden springs, which no eye sees, so a human beingís love is grounded in Godís love. If there were no spring at the bottom, if God were not love, there would be neither a lake nor human love. As the still waters begin obscurely in the deep spring, so our love mysteriously begins in Godís love.
Søren Kierkegaard, Works of Love
Reprinted from www.bruderhof.com. Copyright 2002 by The Bruderhof Foundation, Inc. Used with permission.

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