Lahore American School Memories
1964-65 Yaden

From the left: Nanette Dice, Alice Ratliff.
Top from the left: Maria Szechowizc, Sally Douglass, Sally Gmeiner, Joanne Garvue.
Mid from the left: Corrie vander Graaf, Mary Snyder, Jody Studebaker, Nancy Knue, Letha Jo Wheeless.
Bottom from the left: Karyl Sumner, Sally Snyder, Diane Johnson.
I could identify all but one from memory and I only had to check spelling on three. How's that? JP
Yaden 1964-65

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Karakul: 1966-67 LAS student newspapers

Mark Ritze's LAS Reunion Page

I wanted to share my Yaden with others who might not have one. I included the faculty and most all the group pictures. I didn't include the individual student pictures in the high school section. If you want to see some of those, let me know by email so I can scan them and send them to you.

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