by Cara Colleen


Canto I

The beauty of early fall
On a sunny afternoon
Before the leaves have fallen
And only a few have turned ...

A cool and quiet peace
With instruments of nature
Performing orchestrations composed by her Creator ...

And faintly in the distance
The buzz of civilization
To add a pleasant hum
(Underlying roar of manmade ocean) ...

And I, wrapped in thought--
Meandering, silent nostalgia
For yesterdays and tomorrows--
Content in the life of today.

Canto II

Red and golden, orange and brown,
All the leaves are falling down.
Drifting clouds of cottony white
Fuel imagination’s flight.
All the geese around have fled
To warmer climate--southern led.
Colder nights and cooler days--
We’re well into fall’s weather phase.

Canto III

Threadbare trees
A carpet of leaves
Hints of snow are all around
Late fall fading
Chill winds trading
Fall for winter's frozen ground

* * * * *

Night falls
As the tall trees stand sharply silhouetted
Silent against sunset lit sky
Gold fading to yellow-orange
Orange to red to pale blue
Blending into indigo and deep navy
Stretching across the wide expanse
To the pale violet glow of the distant city

And high above
The faint pinpricks of starlight
And pallid moonshine
Brighten in intensity
Until the field below sits illuminated
Long haystalks
Waving in the night breeze.

* * * * *


Forever lies beyond the stars –
The hidden depth
Beneath the velvet beauty at first glance,

And clever dreamers peer into God’s soul
To view eternity as stars dance
To cosmic symphony
Unheard by ear, but felt within The heart of tiny men
(Macro- micro- cosms interacting)
Visible eternity of night
Invisible forever in the soul

And dreamers dream
Without the limitations that
The mundane mass submits to
By the light of day.
Aesthetic needs are met
By nothing tangible
And cold, distant stars
Reach out warm fingers
To the one who yearns
For more than just a bed to sleep in.

Visible proves invisible--
Tangible meets intangible--
As dreamers dance,
Night after night,
To the music of
Eternity beyond the stars –
The hidden depth
Beneath the velvet beauty at first glance.

* * * * *

©2003 by Cara Colleen. All rights reserved.

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