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A Father's Thoughts on Voicemail and Prayer

I always enjoy listening to my son's and daughter's voice mail. I save them on my cell phone and as long as I can on my phone at work. I was listening to my son yesterday and I realized how much God must like to hear our voice in prayer.

I also save my son's and daughter's voice mail with the intent of letting other distant family members and perhaps friends listen to them so they can hear where we have been - like vacation slides (if anyone remembers what they were) or pictures.

I believe the Bible teaches our prayers are like incense to God and he saves them in bowls. He must enjoy the fragrance of our prayers. It is interesting that smell supposedly triggers more memories than other senses.

I was thinking today that it is nice to have friends that provoke warm feelings and awaken enjoyable memories you have made with them when you think of them.

I imagine God still enjoys the wrestling match he had with Jacob and the time Jonah prayed to him from the belly of the whale. I wonder if God allows anyone to see some of the times of prayers we have had with Him?

© 2005 Steve Compton
Nashville, Tennessee

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