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The Armor of God
in Personal Prayer

by an anonymous friend

      There have been countless teachings and a few dozen techniques by which we have been taught to put on the full armor of God. Perhaps that's one of the pitfalls of being human.....we tend to set up traditions and then write a book about it. God forbid I should ever put my intimate conversations with Him up for public ex- amination with a price tag. This is not a ritual to me. It's a neccessary conversation I have each day. And you know what?........There's been times when I have had to jump out of bed and be on the run just like anyone else! We're not saved and kept by our prayers. We are saved by grace through faith which God gave us, and we're kept by the power of God.
      When I arise in the morning my first words are "Thank you Father, for a good night of rest......it is sufficient for this day. I am taking off the carnal mind and all the carnal thoughts it has flashed during my sleep, along with every thought and imagination, as well as any other high and lofty stronghold, principality, power of darkness, evil spirit, or demon, which exalts itself above the truth of God's word. And having taken that off (loosing it), I bind to my head, the helmet of salvation. This includes the mind of Christ, the renewed mind, taking every thought captive to obedience to the words of Jesus, and the promise in John 14:26 where Jesus said the Holy Spirit would bring to our rememberance every word He said to us. May the words of my mouth and the thoughts from my innernost being originate from within this protected realm and minister life to those with whom I am in contact today.
      And I thank you Father that I am a new creature and the old nature is no longer me! So not having garments of unrighteousness, and knowing that my self - righteousness is insufficient, I bind to me the breastplate of righteousness, because He Who knew no sin, became sin, that I may become the righteousness of God in Him! I put on the breastplate of Jesus Christ's righteousness because it was prepared for me, and it fits better than the fig leaves of Adam.
      In human circles we politely do not speak of "changing underwear", but I cover my nakedness (my uncomely behaviors and shameful sins of the past) with Your truth. I am therefore free to be as transparent as I choose but never forgetting that our confessed sins are forgotten and no more remembered by You. I thank You for this ability be truthful with others and yet retain healthy boundaries that I may walk with no condemnation and no obligation to dig up that which You have forgotten. I owe no man anything except love and I know that whom the Son has freed, is free indeed!
      And I thank you for these shoes I put on Father. They are not "magic shoes" as Forrest Gump wore, or bright red shoes as Dorthy wore home to Kansas. They are my everyday shoes, but they have beautiful feet inside them! You have prepared me with my own personal testinony of what Jesus has done for me! Your word says, How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of them which bring Good News! I thank You for my shoes and my testimony.........direct my path today to cross the paths of others you have prepared to hear my testimony and words of peace.
      And of all the things that please You, I have read that faith is perhaps more needed than anything I might offer.......so I take up the shield of faith. It is not weighty as the armor offered to young David when he met Goliath. My shield has no attachments to show my worthiness or accomplishments. There is nothing heavy about this shield, but it keeps me from getting my head knocked off! Without faith it is impossible to please you. I take this shield of faith with thanksgiving.
      And Father I ask that my head and hand may work together in harmony. The words that You said You would bring to my rememberance in John 14:26, are Your words. They are truth and life!I take these as the sword to be directed by Your Spirit! May Your word divide that which is soulish from that which is spiritual and may I, or any person You have me share these words with, be able to see our own hearts in order to to be convinced that You are speaking these things. Your word is a double edged sword which can cut speaker and hearer alike. I pray for guidance and humility in using this sword. Having done all this to stand today, I pray You will fill me afresh with your Holy Spirit to walk and work and represent You in my part of the world today.
      Father, I do not end this prayer with the word, "AMEN" for I know I have likened it to the words, "GOOD BYE". I wish to walk in fellowship with You all day, so I do not intend to hang up on this conversation. Help me to stay online with You ALL DAY!

Written and submitted graciously by an anonymous friend.
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